Old habits, new times

Today I begin a new blog. 

This will be my third project. More than 12 years ago three friends began linuxbeat.net. Juanjo, Cañete and me wrote about technology, the University where we were studying, politics… That was the age when people socialised at blog level, you could trace a social network following the links in the blogs to other blogs.

Most of them were written in free services like Blogspot, Photoblog… People left behind the unconfortable, ugly, poorly updated static pages of the 90’s, and new hobbyists and experts in different areas (but with no idea on web developing) began to write and enrich the Wide World Web.

But as we were technology fanboys (we were active members of GPUL, the Coruña Linux users group), we rent a spanish hosting, and we installed and configured our Wordpress via ssh.

In 2005 I launched my weblog alone. My domain was enelparaiso.org, there I built my personal quasi-static page (it was generated by a Wikka Wiki engine), and a blog (Wordpress again). I spent some weeks until I found a cheap hosting in Canada that allowed ssh administration.

At umask 077 The Flight of an Albatross I wrote 393 posts on Tech, Civil Engineering, Philosphy, Politics, Solidarity, Religion, Jazz, Poetry… The rhythm I wrote was high in the first years, but as my jobs were more and more demanding, I progressively abandoned the blog. It happened at the same time I began to use the modern social networks: Facebook, G+ (do you remember Orkut?), Identi.ca, Twitter, Diaspora…

I use social networks today like I used the blog before: I vent my thoughts, and I maintain communication with friends and family. So, why begin a new blog?

A blog is a perfect opportunity to procrastinate put my thoughs in order. Nowadays I have a very demanding work. Sometimes I have to delay investigating/improving methods or procedures because my daily workload. So I’ll try to force myself to stop at least once in a week to write about my job, sharing my experiences.

And as it’s a new age, the infraestructure under will be diferent. This new web is hosted in a AWS EC2 instance. And, as in the age of cloud computing we have to improve performance, I will go back to use static pages. Of course you will see they are a bit prettier than the pure html pages we wrote in the 90’s. Now I use hugo, a static web generator written in Go, with the theme hugo-uno, written by Fredrik Loch.

I wish it will be useful to you :-)