Francisco J. Tsao Santín CV

UNIX/Linux SysAdmin and MSc Civil Engineer

Madrid | A Coruña, Spain


idealista (Since February 2019)

DevOps Engineering at idealista Platform Team AKA Benders. Improving automation (with Ansible) provisioning services and testing (with Molecule and Docker). Jenkins pipelining. Monitoring and performance analysis with Prometheus and other system tools. Tomcat/Spring Boot services, Solr, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, ClickHouse, MySQL clusters and more services managed. Infrastructure as Code. Improving stability and traceability.

Rentalia (March 2016 - January 2019)

In charge of infrastructure at Rentalia, idealista’s holiday rentals portal. Sysadmin/DBA/DevOps engineering. Evolution of the CD (Continuous Delivery) stack. Infrastructure virtualization and datacenter migration.

Operating systems: GNU/Linux (Debian and CentOS) on physical hardware, virtual platforms (Xen and KVM managed by OpenNebula private cloud system) and Docker containers. Distributed storage/SDS with GlusterFS, Mogile and Ceph. Network services: Apache, Nginx, Bind, OpenLDAP, Mysql, Tyk. Network administration (firewalls, VPN’s) pfsense, iptables, HP Procurve switches. Automation/CD pipe: git, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Rundeck. Databases administration: Postgresql, MongoDB, MySQL. Search engines/cache: Memcached, Redis, Elasticsearch, Sphinx. Backup: bacula. Logging/Monitoring/performance: Icinga/Nagios, Munin, New Relic, Prometheus, ELK.

Up and Running Supporting Services (October 2012 - February 2016)

Technical consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise: system administrator in large and critical environments. UNIX/Linux Support Team at MAPFRE.

Operating systems managed: GNU/Linux (RHEL and SLES Server on VMware, AWS, physical servers, Oracle Exadata, and IBM PowerVM), HP-UX (on Integrity/Superdome servers) and AIX (on IBM PowerVM). High availability: HP Serviceguard. Troubleshooting, performance tuning, design and deployment of infrastructure enhancements. Critical operations and system on call. MAPFRE’s datacenter migration.

Structural Mechanics Group. School of Civil Engineers, University of A Coruña (October 2010 - September 2012)

Programmer and structural analyst.

vPULO Project: Development of GUI for launched bridges design and optimization program in C++/Qt. MAAXIMUS Project: Structural optimization engines development with Python and NumPy for NAFEMS BOSS quattro. VoidSlab project: Simulia Abaqus scripts and GUI plugins programmer (in Python) and structural analyst to develop a tool for designing voided slab deck bridges.

Freelance programmer (June - August 2010)

Assistant programmer (awk/Fortran) in GIS environments in A Cidade dos Barrios (urban planning and social participation project in A Coruña).

Cartolab. School of Civil Engineers, University of A Coruña (October 2008 - March 2010)

Development Group: Linux systems administration: design and implementation of team infraestructure, network management and services organization and managemente: Debian file servers with NFS and samba, backup servers with rsnapshot and rsync, map server with Postgresql and Geoserver, proyect tools on LAMP infrastructure. Assistant programmer in GIS and Civil Engineering projects. gvSIG Fonsagua database and forms design.

Territorial Studies Lab. School of Civil Engineers, University of A Coruña (August - September 2008)

GIS technician in EIEL (Infrastructures and equipments inquiry of A Coruña Provincial Government).

Ports and Coast Group. School of Civil Engineers, University of A Coruña (November 2005 - May 2006)

Programmer (Fortran/awk/csh/bash) and UNIX system administration (GNU/Linux and OpenBSD). SAPO (Oceanographic Forecast Autonomous System) of Ferrol Outward Port development.

Civil Engineering and Computer Science Club (November 2005)

Teacher in Introduction to GNU/Linux systems course.

Tuition class teacher (August 1996 and August 1997)

Physics and Maths teacher.

Hostal Columbia (June 1990 - October 2008)

From dishwasher to manager, being maintenance boy, waiter, recepcionist too, in a hotel.


Fedora project (Since January 2016)

Package maintainer.

GPUL (Since december 1998)

Free software activist. 24 papers and workshops in several meetings managed by the Coruña Linux Users Group. Local team in GUADEC 2012. Coordination in 13 hackmeetings and 1 congress. External consulting for ESF Galicia (Engineers Without Borders Galicia). Treasurer for 2 years, president (2008-2014).

OCV-UDC (October 2002 - September 2009)

Volunteer of OCV (Cooperation and Volunteering Office of University of A Coruña) in education of childhood in social risk since 2002. Team coordinator from January 2006 to September 2009.

GNU Project (Since 2006)

GNU España hackers group. Web translation. Galician team of Free Translation Project since 2006.


System administration

Civil Engineering


School of Civil Engineers. University of A Coruña

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (finished 2018).